Active Member

Active Membership

Open to commercial facility operations professionals who have a minimum of two years experience within the industry and who supervise at least two subordinate operations professionals. More info.


then $100 per calendar year

Associate Member

Associate Membership

Open to professionals who service commercial facility operations professionals through parts and supplies, and whose company is an active advertiser in the Chief Engineer magazine. More info.


then $30 per calendar year

CEAC Magazine Subscription

Non members who wish to subscribe to the monthly Chief Engineers Association Magazine can do so for a low annual fee. More info.


for one year

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The CEAC is in the process of rebuilding our website and database, debuting in 2024. For now, we’ve hit pause on taking new members and dues so you can successfully get signed up with a new account when we launch and not incur duplicate payments. Your membership is very important to us!! To ensure you get set up with a new account, please fill out the short form below and we will follow up with instructions on how to create a new account when it’s ready.

If you’d like to attend the November or December 2023 events, you are welcome to as a guest for free. Please email to register.

For future reference, below is information on what membership includes:

Active Membership

Associate Membership

Magazine Subscription

Active Membership is for Chief Engineers, Assistant Chief Engineers or Lead Operating Engineers who work in a plant, building, school, hospital or other institution, and have at least two (2) years experience as an Operating Engineer.

Active Members must be responsible for a boiler or engineer room, and must also lead staff and building operations effectively and efficiently.

Active members have membership voting rights pertaining to association business and procedure.

Price: $100 per year / $30 initial registration fee

Associate Membership is for Company owners, Salespeople, Sales Engineers, etc. of firms partnering with operating engineers. 

The company that this person is representing must be an advertiser in the CHIEF ENGINEER magazine, for a minimum of 6 times in a given year, 1/8th page or larger. 

Individual Membership: $30 annually, $50 for each general meeting attended

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Members all receive the monthly issue of Chief Engineer, but even non-members can subscribe to our magazine in exchange for a low monthly fee.

Thanks for your patience and interest in the organization!