Anything That Can Be Done, Can Be Done Better.

The Chief Engineer Association of Chicagoland has served the industry’s leaders for more than 100 years, and you’re invited to become part of our community. 

Who Are We?

The CEAC is a not-for-profit (501c6) fraternal organization that was founded in 1915. Over the course of the last century, we’ve been a home and a resource for committed industry professionals who know that working together is the key to success.

Who Are Our Members?

The members of the CEAC are leaders who serve in positions throughout the fields of power engineering, real estate asset management, construction, and building operations. Industry partners who support the successful operation of our properties are also welcome to join!

As we say in the CEAC, “Anything that can be done, can be done better.”

Our motto is proof of our commitment to the tenants and fellow workers within our facilities: with education, hard work, and innovative thinking, we can all come together to make the world a better place.

What Can the CEAC Offer You?

Educational Services

Educational Services

We regularly host educational meetings and gatherings in order to advance your knowledge of industry best practices, new technology and sustainable solutions.



Our Chief Engineer magazine is a leading source for information pertaining to the industry.



Come together and build a community with individuals who understand your work and want to see you succeed.

Upcoming Events & Webinars


CEAC White Sox Game Ticket Bundle

June 07, 2024

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