Welcome to the Chief Engineer Association of Chicagoland (CEAC). We are a not-for-profit (501c6), fraternal organization made up of men and women in leadership positions within the field of power engineering and real estate asset management.

For over 90 years, the Chief Engineers Association has brought educational services, information and camaraderie to its members through the publication of the Chief Engineer magazine, educational meetings and social gatherings throughout the Chicago area. The Chief Engineer magazine is published monthly and has a list of subscribers from throughout the United States and Canada.

The motto of the Association is: “Anything that can be done, can be done better.” This motto epitomizes the philosophy of the Association that through education and hard work, we can together advance our profession, and improve upon providing safe and productive environments for the tenants and fellow workers within our facilities.

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Tom Cronin

Congratulations to Tom Cronin, recognized as our 2022 Member of the Year.

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"Anything that can be done, can be done better."

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