The scholarship applicant is required to submit a written application. Also, please attach all high school academic records, SAT and/or ACT test scores, letter(s) of recommendation and a minimum 500 word essay on the field of education you have chosen to pursue.

The Chief Engineers Association Scholarship Committee is responsible for awarding The Ernest K. and Lois R. Wulff Scholarship. The Chief Engineer Scholarship Fund provides two (2) scholarships annually. The selection process will take several months to complete and awards will be announced. All scholarship grants are made payable directly to the school and may only be used for legitimate educational purposes.

Submit completed application to The Chief Engineers Association of Chicagoland business office at the address provided above. All application materials are due by July 1st of the current year.

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Awards are given through the Chief Engineers Association Scholarship Fund Committee. The potential scholarship recipient will be required to submit an application, including academic records, national achievement test scores, letter of recommendation from a community leader, principal or counselor, and a written essay on the field of education that the potential scholarship recipient wishes to pursue. The Chief Engineers Association Scholarship Committee will evaluate all completed applications and select a maximum of two (2) for the Scholarship award.