The CEAC is a not-for-profit (501c6) fraternal organization that was founded in 1915. Over the course of the last century, we’ve been a home and a resource for committed industry professionals who know that working together is the key to success.

The members of the CEAC are leaders who serve in positions throughout the fields of power engineering, real estate asset management, construction, and building operations. Industry partners who support the successful operation of our properties are also welcome to join!

The Association is operated through a volunteer Board of Directors, composed of elected members of the association and a few key staff. Each Active Member of the association has a vote in all elections to the Board of Directors. Associate Members may not vote in elections of board members nor upon motions made at meetings of the Association. Members of the Board of Directors serve without compensation throughout their term in office, and generally devote 20 hours or more of service to the association each month

Meet the Board of Directors and Officers

  • Officers
    • Doug Kruczek,  President
    • Larry McMahon, Vice President 
    • Brendan Winters, Vice President 
    • Barbara Hickey, Recording Secretary
    • Kevin Kenzinger, Treasurer
    • Brian Staunton, Financial Secretary
    • Ralph White, Sergeant-at-Arms
    • Bryan McLaughlin, Corresponding Secretary
  • Directors
    • Ken Botta, Past President 
    • Thomas Phillips, Trustee 
    • Brock Sharapata, Curator 
    • Bob Jones, Door Keeper 
    • Mike Collins,  Door Keeper
    • Patrick Wawrzyniak, Warden
    • Sean Casey, Warden
    • Patrick Biesty, Warden
    • Mike Badame, Warden
    • Joe Lettiere, Warden

Office Staff

  • Alex Boerner, Operations Manager 
  • Leslie Johnson, Billing/Office Support

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