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Self-Driving Car Prototypes Need Less Human Help, Data Show

By Justin Pritchard LOS ANGELES (AP) — Self-driving car prototypes appear to be getting better at negotiating California streets and highways without a human backup driver intervening, according to data made public Feb. 1 by California transportation regulators. The data reflect safety-related incidents reported by 11 companies that have been testing more than 100 vehicles on public roads, primarily […]

Wisconsin Has Most Successful Year For Solar Power in 2016

MILWAUKEE (AP) — New data show that the Wisconsin solar industry saw its most active year of development as it was boosted by a major investment in solar by Dairyland Power Cooperative, other utilities and Target Stores Inc., as well as projects around the state. Construction started last year on projects across Wisconsin exceeding 30 megawatts. […]

ICC-ES Issues ESR-2092 to NUDURA Corporation for Insulated Concrete Form Wall Structure

ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) — experts in building product evaluation and certification — has issued ESR-2092 to NUDURA Corporation for their Insulated Concrete Form Wall Structure, providing evidence they comply with the code requirements of the 2015, 2012 and 2009 International Building Codes® (IBC) and International Residential Codes® (IRC). The Insulated Concrete Form Wall Structure is used as stay-in-place formwork for […]

Grand Rapids Plans $30M Biodigester Project to Tackle Waste

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) — Grand Rapids’ wastewater division is preparing to build a biodigester at its water resource recovery facility. The city’s environmental services manager, Mike Lunn, told MLive that the division has known for a while that it would need to adjust its operations to treat a growing stream of highly concentrated food […]

Nevada Gears up to Fight Yucca Mountain Nuke Waste Site

By Ken Ritter LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nevada officials and advocates are gearing up to resume a three-decade fight to block efforts to bury the nation’s most highly radioactive waste about 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas. They’re doing so as they face a Republican Congress and a new president who owns a hotel towering […]