Existing Members

If you’re an existing member but you haven’t logged into your account, we’re ready to help you.

Remember that you can always call us directly for assistance at 708-293-1720 ex 307

All members from our old system have been brought forward, but if you’ve never logged in before then you will need to take some extra steps to gain access to your account.

Try to reset your password using your email address on the Account page. Once you are able to login, you will be able to SUBSCRIBE for your annual membership in our new system. If resetting your password doesn’t work for you we may not have ever had your email address, you will need to call us directly at 708-293-1720.


New Members

Below are three easy steps to get started with your Online CEAC Membership Account;

After you have Petitioned for membership you will be able to REGISTER as a Guest for monthly events. Once you have been approved you will REGISTER as a member.

If at any time you’re stuck or having trouble give us a call at 708-293-1720 and we’ll be happy to walk you through each step.


All new members are required to Create an account before they have access to any other online services. (Current members already have an account, but you may need to call us to gain access.)
After you are logged in you’re ready to subscribe for an annual membership.


NOTE: This is a NEW online system. All members are required to CREATE a NEW account in order to login to this system.


Once you have Created a login Active Members will need to Petition for membership. (Associate members can skip to SUBSCRIBE.) The process typically takes less than 60 days. During that time you will be able to register for and attend events as a guest. Once your membership has been approved you will automatically gain the privilege of registering as a member. The registration process is the same in both cases.


Your membership is now called a Subscription. Why is this different? It’s just how we do things online now. Once you are logged in to your NEW account you can Subscribe as an Active or Associate Member.

The Chief Engineers Association has two types of membership, Active and Associate:

  1. Active Membership. Active membership is available to all Chief Operating Engineers, Assistant Chief Operating Engineers and Lead Operating Engineers who meet the following requirements:
    1. Chief Engineer: Must be an active Chief Engineer of a plant, building, school, hospital or other institution, with at least two (2) years experience as an Operating Engineer and be in responsible charge of a boiler or engineer room.
    2. Assistant Chief Engineer: Must be an active Assistant Chief Engineer of a plant, building, school, hospital or other institution, with at least two (2) years experience as an Operating Engineer and be in responsible charge of two (2) or more engineering personnel.
  2. Associate Membership . Company owner, Salesperson, Sales Engineer, etc. of a firm dealing with operating engineers. Company that this person is representing must be an advertiser in the CHIEF ENGINEER magazine, for a minimum of 6 times in a given year, 1/8th page or larger.

Annual payments are designed to line up with the beginning of the calendar year.

NOTE: Annual Dues payments made (via credit card) in the last quarter of 2018 will not be charged until January 1 of 2019 for the 2019 year. Petition fees for new members are immediate.

NOTE: There are coupon codes for current members to wave the new member petition fees. Life members, please call us at 708-293-1720 and we will tell you your coupon code for your free membership, you’ve earned it.

After your Membership Subscription has been fully processed you will have access to Register for upcoming events.

NOTE: If you selected to pay by check it will take longer to process your payment than if you selected to pay by credit card.