Roosevelt University Vertical Campus


Two Greencheck exhaust fans are mounted on the roof.

Two Greencheck exhaust fans are mounted on the roof and dedicated to service of the classroom laboratories. Nine Kone Eco-Disk elevators equipped with mag-drive motors provide vertical lift using Kone E-Link computerized controllers located near the roof. Because each elevator car has its own motor installed on the top of the car, cameras mounted to each car permit video inspection of the motors from a central elevator room.

Building automation is provided by a Siemens Apogee system and critical power is backed by a massive 1,500 kW diesel fueled Caterpillar Gen-set supplied by Patten Industries.

Great attention was paid to minimizing environmental impact throughout the building. Green roofs are visible on the main building roof as well as four other roof elevations. Exhaust from the main dining hall kitchen is directed through four banks of filters including a final HEPA filter stage, maximizing pollution control. Garbage is directed through a tri-sorter chute system that permits separation of various recyclables and a Somat brand, food-waste pulper is used to grind both food and biodegradable serving ware into fertilizer that is directed by pipe to the loading dock where it is periodically piped into a tanker truck and transported to the University’s Schaumburg, Illinois campus where it is used as fertilizer on the campus grounds.

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