Roosevelt University Vertical Campus


Chief Engineer Thomas Flynn (center) with Assistant Chief Engineer Gus Kalady (left), and one of their five-engineer team members, Rick (right) on the roof.

Officially, the new building opened on May 5th, 2012 having been designed by VOA architects and engineered by WMA. Power Construction served as the general contractor and John Buck Company as Developers.


A York 637-ton chiller and York 350-ton chiller provide air conditioning for the new building. A plate heat exchanger makes free cooling available during part of the year and a Baltimore air coil, 3-cell tower with one winter-cell provides for year-round comfort for students both in class and in their residences.

Four Camus staged hot-water heaters, operating between 140 and 190 degrees F., provide heating for the building and a four pipe system permits individual control of both heating and cooling through the 300 Titus VAV boxes and 400 Tutus fan powered boxes as well as individual fan units within each of the dorm rooms.

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