Museum Offers Glimpse At Old Windmill Factory

By Algis J. Laukaitis

Duane Smith (from left), Dave Silcox and Patrick Walter uncover a steel press at the Kregel Windmill Factory Museum on Monday, June 18, 2012 in Nebraska City, Neb. (AP Photo/Lincoln Journal Star, Kristin Streff)

NEBRASKA CITY, Neb. (AP) – When Australians Helen Walter and her sons, Patrick and Alex, stepped through the doorway of the Kregel Windmill Factory Museum, it was as if they had traveled back in time.

They saw a turn-of-the-century windmill factory preserved with all of its heavy machinery, bins, boxes and shelves stuffed with parts, and business records dating back more than a century – all covered in dust.

The Australians pored over the roll-top desk of owner Arthur Kregel, who left the business one day and never returned because of a stroke. His two pen knives, black candlestick telephone, a pencil worn down to a stub and business papers were all where he left them in 1989.

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