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Lathes for the Institute's metal working courses.

Traditional tradecraft such as welding and metal working are also offered at Arturo Velasquez Institute as well as the courses required for students seeking to advance their studies to the baccalaureate level.

But as impressive as the activities taking place within the facility the activities taking place behind the scenes are what have brought the Chief Engineer to the Institute this month. As Bob Jones explained, the engineering staff at the facility is all about providing the best environment for instruction at the lowest possible cost to both the environment and taxpayers. Every two years a complete infrared inspection is made of critical equipment within the facility and a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan is followed to ensure that equipment is maintained at manufacturers specifications.

According to Jones, four years ago the facility upgraded to a Johnson Controls Metasys building automation system which allows for central monitoring at the district office of the City Colleges. According to the reports generated by the system, energy savings continues to increase each year at the facility as Bob and his team continue to identify ways of saving energy.

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