The Chicago Clean Energy Project


Some of the industrial debris that can be found on the site.

Some of the industrial debris that can be found on the site.

The Illinois Capital Development Board has approved the capital and operating costs associated with the project, and the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) has approved the project’s rate of return. Currently the ICC is also in the process of approving the substitute natural gas contracts associated with the project. Once this hurdle is met, the Illinois Environmental Protection agency, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency must approve the project and issue permits. Current timelines predict actual groundbreaking for the facility taking place in the spring of 2014 with commissioning coming in the second quarter of 2017.

On a daily average, about 1,100 jobs will be created over the 3-and-a-half- year construction period with more than a few going to the piping and iron trades. Following construction, 200 permanent operations and administrative jobs will be created at the site to keep things running for the next four to five decades. The permanent operations of the plant are projected to produce nearly an additional 900 off-site jobs in coal mining, transportation and services.

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