181 Madison: Still Efficient After All These Years

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The overcast skies and falling temperatures didn’t dampen my spirits as I maneuvered through Chicago’s downtown traffic towards 181 W. Madison. I had spoken to Chief Engineer, Jerry Palmere at the CEAC’s Oktoberfest event and he agreed to share with readers the details of a retro-commissioning program that MB Real Estate had implemented. Jerry has been the Chief at MB Real Estate’s headquarters on west Madison since its completion in 1990. In fact, Jerry informed me that the Chief Engineer did a feature on the building when it opened, highlighting it as “the most energy efficient building of all of MB Real Estate’s properties.”

It had been a while since the last time I was driving around downtown Chicago, and my search to find the building loading dock reminded me of my college days delivering pizzas in the late ‘90’s – especially the memories of trying to find a spot to park that won’t get your car towed to a pound. There’s always something about navigating the back alleys and hidden entrances of the city that remind me of why I love Chicago.

I spun my car under the Wells El line and into an alley. Luck was on my side because I immediately spotted an empty space that kept my car away from the path of delivery trucks. As soon as I exited, a beefy security guard was rightfully greeting me and asking whom I was there to see. I told him that I was there to meet with the Chief Engineer and that I had been instructed to park near the dock. After a muffled conversation on his radio, he turned and with a smile, said “Put you car over there. It’ll be out of the way,” as he pointed to the spot. A lot has changed since my college days, I thought to myself, as I moved my car.

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