President’s Message November 2011

Angelo Saccameno, President

Well it’s 44 degrees outside, overcast and misting. Some leaves have changed colors and others have already fallen to the ground. Clearly, fall is here, which means Old Man Winter is just around the corner. By now one would presume that most Chief Engineers have transitioned their respective properties from summer operations to fall, or even winter modes. Hopefully, we have spent the off-season completing the required heating equipment maintenance and boiler cleaning. We should have also reviewed and maintained electrical panels that support various types of heating for comfort space conditioning or any climate requirements.

Compared to the spring operating season, the fall months are very unique to Operating Engineers. These are the months that I have tokened as the Chief Engineers’ “money months.” The fall season allows operators the opportunity to maximize energy savings by capitalizing on free cooling. Buildings that have cooling economizer systems are able to use free, outdoor air in the early morning hours so as to delay the start time on chillers. For the more updated assets with variable speed, high-pressure chillers, the fall season allows the operator to drive condenser water operating temperatures down. This reduces energy consumption on the overall chiller performance, netting significant savings. Likewise, properties that have economizer systems on CRAC Units provide the operator the ability to drive condenser water temperatures down, allowing for free cooling to take place. These are only a few operating formats that generate savings. I am certain that there are many more possibilities given the equipment selections and the operating dynamics of each and every property.

Fall also signals the time frame in which Chief Engineers should begin to formulate cooling system maintenance and repair plans. Most, if not all, of these maintenance programs and replacement projects will effectively take place during the proceeding winter season.

During evaluation periods and material order sessions, please keep our Associate Members in mind. Not only are they a great resource for specific materials and services, but they can also assist in the development of operating enhancement programs and replacement cost analysis for justifying capital expenditures.

It was great to see you all at the CEAC Oktoberfest Meeting. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the co-sponsors for their support, Chicago Cooling Towers, Imbert International, Infrared Inspections, Neuco, and The Hill Group. Without your ongoing support, this event would not take place. Thank very much.

November’s General Meeting will be held at Local 399 on November 16, 2011. This meeting will stand as our election meeting. A vote will be held for the new proposed CEAC officers and directors. We look forward to seeing you all at this meeting.

As always, please keep our armed forces in your thoughts and prayers.

Angelo Saccameno
President, CEAC

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