Hiking, In Mourning, At Sea, They Missed Sept. 11


When terrorists brought down the World Trade Center towers in her own backyard, Maxfield and her husband were in France.

“Jetlagged, I was wandering through the old town of Vence, listening to what I thought was a workaholic Hollywood type on his cell phone, pitching a bad movie about planes flying into the World Trade Center,” she said.

The couple returned to their hotel that evening. The concierge asked the couple where they were from; Maxfield said New York. She was told that night.

“I’ll never forget going by the American Consulate in Nice the next day, where there were flowers and a sign in French that read, `Today we are all Americans.”’

Like other business people, Maxfield had a cell phone, but she didn’t think much about not using it on her much-needed vacation. What she didn’t have was the social media that’s ubiquitous now, a factor that would make it unlikely for so many to manage a 9/11 miss today, said Aaron Smith, a senior research specialist at Pew.

“That’s the difference,” he said, “along with widespread adoption of smartphones and more advanced mobile devices. Somebody today doesn’t have to explicitly tell you what’s happening.”

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