Rexel Launches Online Magazine Focused on Electrical Efficiency Issues

Dallas, TX – Rexel, one of the world’s leading electrical distributors, announced that it has launched a new electrical efficiency online resource: This new online magazine will offer diverse content on related regulation, solutions, projects, markets and major news worldwide. This initiative reflects Rexel’s commitment to raising awareness of electrical efficiency – a real challenge to society – which is at the heart of Rexel’s offerings in terms of service and advice on high-performance ecological electrical solutions.

Raising awareness of electrical efficiency issues

Through its four main headings – ‘Basics’, ‘Markets’, ‘Solutions’, and ‘Regulation’, this new online magazine,, addresses a wide range of topics – including housing, intelligent networks and transport.

Among the themes covered are the EU’s strategic orientations for 2020, developments in domestic electricity, positive-energy buildings, the challenges of smart grids, and more.

Aimed at a wide audience, from professionals to consumers, this portal provides access to summaries, analyses and expert viewpoints, and enables web users to add their comments.

“As a key player in the electrical industry, Rexel aims to share its recognized experience as a distributor and its knowledge of electrical solutions to raise awareness of electrical efficiency issues, sharing information with the widest possible audience. Today, we are launching a new online magazine to serve this objective,” said Chris Hartmann, Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer of Rexel Holdings USA, a Rexel Group company.

Electrical efficiency: a key issue for society

Energy performance is a major global challenge today and for the future. Societies must consume less, and electricity usage plays a key role in more efficient energy usage. Rexel believes the route to energy savings and combating climate change is through more effective, better connected and more intelligent electrical equipment.

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