President’s Message July 2011

Angelo Saccameno, President

I can’t believe it is summer already! With the summer heat at full blast, your chillers and absorption units should have been serviced and properly maintained allowing you the ability to provide comfortable conditions in your respective properties. As Chiefs, on a daily basis we are responsible for countless employees, tenants, and visitors’ comfort and safety. It is imperative that you provide continuous repair and maintenance on your equipment to insure such creature comforts. Keep in mind our vendors and Associate Members for such support as they are always a great resource for the needed materials and services to support your equipment when dealing with the changing seasons we experience here in Chicago.

Now is also a great time to start thinking about the coming heating season. Make sure your boilers are serviced and ready for operation. Now is the time to go through and complete all the necessary maintenance for both hydronic and electric heating. It is imperative to give yourself enough time before the next season for repairs. We live in an unpredictable city in which the weather we experience can change from week to week and even day to day. This means we need to be prepared and have comprehensive plans in place for any weather at any time.

The May Meeting held at Metropolitan Industries in Romeoville wrapped up another successful season of general meetings filled with education, fun, and great food. I would like to thank Metropolitan Industries for hosting May’s meeting as well as providing an informational presentation and providing an abundant meal for all to enjoy. I also appreciate all those who attended the meeting. Our sponsors support the Chief Engineers Association a great deal and make many of our get-togethers possible. It is imperative to reciprocate by attending the meetings at their venues.

We look forward to our next event, the 71st Annual Golf Outing on September 16, 2011. Space is very limited at this point so be sure to contact Jim Cacciottolo at 312.307.4333 for reservations or to sponsor a hole. Even if you will not be golfing this year, we encourage you to join us for dinner. The contacts made at this event may be beneficial and lead to future opportunities for your company or business. I look forward to seeing you there.

As we all prepare to celebrate the 4th of July this year with family and friends, I ask that you keep our service men and women in your thoughts and prayers. They sacrifice time with their loved ones to ensure our freedom. From the bottom of my heart I thank all those who serve to defend our freedom and preserve the great nation we live in.

I hope you all are having an enjoyable summer with your loved ones whether you are traveling or staying close to home. I hope to see you all at the Golf Outing in September to resume our monthly meetings.

Angelo Saccameno
President, CEAC

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