April 2011 President’s Message


I would like to begin by acknowledging each of the sponsors for our March meeting, held at the Irish American Heritage Center: Able Engineering, The CEAC, Emcor Services Team Mechanical, Glavin Security Specialists, Global Water Technology, The Hill Group, and Nolan Boiler. March continues to rank as the best attended meeting of the year and provides a spectacular opportunity to meet and talk to not only your fellow chiefs but the vendors who support us throughout the year as well. Take this time to network. Someone may have an answer to a question plaguing you. Don’t forget the other educational meetings held throughout the year. Typically held the third Wednesday of the months October through May, these meetings are planned with you in mind.

With the rapid changes occurring in technology that affects our everyday jobs, it is important to remain educated in all aspects of our field. Check out local community colleges, universities in the area, online classes, and local unions and associations to see what they have to offer. In many instances the fine line between a good job and a great job is the depth of knowledge one possesses and the ability to apply it. Make sure you keep abreast of changes taking place and know how they affect you and your building.

As April brings in the warm, wet weather I am confident that each and every engineer has their cooling system ready to go. Hotter days are just around the corner. Trust me. With “energy efficiency” becoming the buzz word of the day, please be sure that your systems are running as efficiently as possible. If you have questions or are looking for solutions, turn to our Associate Member companies for answers. Your tenants and, ultimately, facility management will be happy and in turn make your days a little more pleasurable.

I would like to make mention of the next few events that will be coming up. For the April and May meetings we will be venturing out to the facilities of the companies sponsoring the meeting. Please make every effort to attend the April and May meetings. While they are a little different than what we are used to, this type of meeting is an excellent way to see first-hand just what our Associates have to offer and to see it at their place of business.

Although it is only April, I want to remind everyone of the upcoming golf outing that is held in September. As the largest golf outing held on the south side of Chicago, I encourage you to call and make your foursome reservations or sponsor-a-hole reservations as early as possible. Our golf outing is usually sold out well in advance of September. Don’t be left out. Call Jim Cacciottolo today at 312-307-4333 to make your reservation or for prize donations.

As we watch the TV daily and view all the unrest in the world, let’s keep our armed forces in our prayers. It is through their courage and dedication that associations such as ours are able to be in existence.

I look forward to seeing and speaking with you at the Chicago Roofers Training Center on April 20th.

Angelo Saccameno
President, CEAC

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