Fujitsu’s New Hi-Rise 360 Kit for V-II Series VRF Systems

Fujitsu’s new High-Rise 360 kit expands the distance from roof-mounted VRF condensing units and the indoor units connected to them.

Fujitsu General America has introduced its new High-rise 360 kit that now adds 196 (vertical) feet to the distance between roof-mounted VRF condensing units, and indoor units connected below them.

Previously, the maximum vertical distance between roof-mounted Fujitsu V-II Series VRF Systems was 164 feet. Now, with the kit, the height difference between roof-mounted VRF condensers and indoor air handlers is 360 feet — greatly easing VRF installations in taller buildings.     

Kit components include the pressure sensor (converter), a refrigerant pressure sensor, and copper joint pipe.    

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