President’s Message November 2017


At this writing I have this article and one final message for December and then I put down the pen. I have had the great pleasure of serving under many great presidents before taking office, and each of them ran things slightly differently, but always with the advancement of the organization at the core of their efforts. This made it easier for me to chart a course that would keep us growing and progressing during my tenure. I can only hope that I will be judged fairly for the gains we have made, and be very clear that the present board is the best, most energetic group of chiefs I have ever had the pleasure and honor to work with.

This month we will elect a new slate of officers who will be taxed with running the group for the coming two years. They will be led by Dan Carey, whom I think will rise to the occasion, and become a great president and leader for us. When you become president, the major difference from the various other board positions is that you become the head of all the committees and functions, but your actual job is to push your team to produce results like a coach of the all-star team. You don’t need to instruct them on how to play the game, but more on how to keep changing to stay relevant in the industry. This is something I can feel confidently that will be executed flawlessly based on the caliber of the board.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, I hope that we all can appreciate the gifts in our lives such as the gift of having enough of the basics, including food, shelter and electricity — things many of our cities recently affected by extreme weather have had to go without for long periods of time. We here in Chicago can complain about our cold winters, but with our weather history we have been spared the type of natural disasters that have become the new normal in other states and cities.

I hope you are all blessed this Thanksgiving with family time, and maybe some time donated in the service of others who have less.

Thanks and much goodwill to you and yours.


Dennis Nolan

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