ENECON Employees Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries

Bob Kneuer is recognized for 20 years of service to ENECON.

At ENECON, there’s a time-honored tradition of celebrating the important milestones in the careers of its employees. Recently, four members reached auspicious anniversaries, and were thanked and honored with rings appropriate to their years of service with the organization.

Senior Vice President and Technical Director Bob Kneuer and Vice President of Wester Operations Brien Neill both were acknowledged for 20 years of service to the company.

Recognized for 10 years of service were Shipping & Warehouse Manager Juan Amaya, Regional Sales Director Ruth Ann Kershaw, Operations Director Marco Grande, and President of ENECON Tennessee Ted Griffith.

With this year’s entrants, Enecon’s 20-Year club has reached membership in the double digits, and the 10-Year club boasts more than 60 members.

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