President’s Message

Greetings, members:

I trust this finds all of you basking in the afterglow of a summer well lived and a readiness to embrace the coming fall, and football season. The kids are back in school and the time to prep our boilers for startup is upon us. Laying up our towers is just around the corner, and budget preparation is underway for many of you. I think it is possibly the busiest time of year from every aspect of our trade, and it is a great time to exchange data about our operations. If you think you have a scenario that is unique and you need to flesh it out, you should speak to one of the board members. If we do not know how to help directly we will be glad to point you in the right direction on where to get the information you need. We are a community of professionals who have such a vast pool of skills that we should be able to get you associate member assistance or a few options to help tackle any question or need you might have.

As my tenure begins to wind down (three short months), I would like to be able to look back and see the bridge between the board and the membership become a well-worn path to trustworthy information exchanges, and I think we are both willing and able to do so. I am also grateful that the membership continues to grow in both quantity and quality of members. You are some of the shining stars in the industry. You help us bring in the next generation of members to continue the work we have begun. If you have an Assistant Chief or shift lead whom you think would make a worthy addition to our group, please advance their information to us, invite them to a meeting as your guest, or give our contact info for a follow-up inquiry. This is the only way that we can hope to bring in the future members and associate members we need to progress as a team.

Please join me in saluting the first responders and men and women of the armed forces who are the guardians of our freedoms and our safety on a daily basis. These are the heroes who ensure our ability to live our lives in a mental state of ease. You are not forgotten or taken for granted.


Dennis Nolan

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