Brochure Touts Unique Side Wall Radon Mitigation System

WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. — A brochure explaining the benefits of using side wall venting to reduce radon levels in existing homes is available from Tjernlund Products, Inc., the originator and leading manufacturer of side wall systems for gas and oil fueled heaters. Called Radon VACTM, the proprietary system consists of a plug-in fan, exterior hood and installer-purchased PVC pipe. Because the Radon VACTM side wall system evacuates through the basement side wall, homeowners can avoid having PVC pipe run vertically through living areas or outside to the roof line.

The Radon VACTM system is engineered to reduce radon across a variety of sub-slab soil types (dirt, gravel, etc.). It features a sealed, galvanized housing and a PSC permanently lubricated, quiet, low watt motor. Unlike traditional radon fans the motor is not exposed to air stream moisture, increasing motor life.

The patented corrosion-proof Radon VACTM (Variable Aspiration Control) hood dilutes the radon gas with outdoor air as it exits the hood and safely propels it away from the structure. Airflow velocity is easily adjustable at the hood to accommodate the length of pipe run and whether the radon is being drawn from a sump pit or below the basement floor.

Installation of the Radon VACTM system requires a four-inch hole through the home’s basement rim joist and exterior finish, plus enough three-inch PVC pipe to run from the radon extraction point to the Radon VACTM hood. The fan is typically installed between floor joists. A rubber isolating mounting bracket eliminates vibration transfer and rotates 360 degrees to accommodate any orientation.

The literature is available at or by calling (800) 255-4208.

Established in 1938, Tjernlund Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of problem-solving products for residential, commercial and industrial ventilation applications.

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