Tosibox Technology Improves ANGI Energy Systems’ Operations, Customer Service

ANGI Energy Systems, a North American leader in CNG delivery and equipment, announced its intention to install Tosibox technology on new builds.

ATLANTA, GA. — Tosibox®, maker of secure industrial communication technology and the world’s first remote access device with Plug & Go™ technology, is expanding its partnership with ANGI Energy Systems, a U.S.-based manufacturer of engineered gas compression equipment and a leading supplier of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling equipment and systems.

Tosibox’s Lock and Tosibox Key are now integral parts of ANGI’s communication panel and included in all new equipment installations. The technology allows ANGI to remotely address any problems or issues, saving both time and money. It also continuously collects data from the equipment throughout the refueling process to maintain operational efficiency.

“The greatest advantage Tosibox offers over other industrial remote access technology is the ability to scale easily and securely offer customers remote access to the equipment,” said Dave Carl, IT infrastructure manager. “Tosibox offers higher performance and more scalability. It is quick to set up and use and provides an experience that is beyond our original customer expectations.”

ANGI provides ongoing service and support to its customers, including natural gas distributors and retail fuel providers. In this role, the company requires quick and easy access to its customers’ systems to troubleshoot and address any system issues. Because many of ANGI’s customers operate multiple refueling stations or are located in isolated areas, the company needed a technology that could reliably provide remote access to its customers’ systems, be easily set up and efficiently support multiple data streams.

“ANGI also implemented a Tosibox Central Lock in its headquarters allowing us to provide customers with service, support and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) options,” said Carl. “The technology is flexible and user-friendly. It has helped our operations run more efficiently.”

With the Tosibox Lock and Key, ANGI can address any problems or issues with customer systems remotely. The Key also allows ANGI’s customers to easily access their systems to make changes or updates on their own. Unlike other products, the Key is simple to set up.

Customers can establish a connection in as little as five minutes without extensive network knowledge or IT assistance.

”If a tourist can fly across oceans without knowing anything about airplanes, why can’t people enjoy the benefits of technology without having an IT degree?” said Tosibox’s founder Veikko Ylimartimo. “It’s our mission to make remote connections as fast, reliable, secure and easy to use as possible.”

After seeing the success of Tosibox technology in its new installations, ANGI has plans to update its existing customers’ refueling systems over the next few years with Tosibox technology.

Tosibox products are considered best in class in industry automation, building automation, machinery engineering and the security industry. Tosibox technology has taken a leadership role in establishing a new standard for VPN technology. Tosibox technology is globally patented and used in more than 70 countries worldwide.

About Tosibox

Tosibox offers an easy and secure remote connection to the Internet. The Finnish company aims to develop the world’s best and most secure Internet connection, which will enable solutions to exploit the Internet of things. Tosibox’s products are in use in 70 countries. Further information is available at

About ANGI Energy Systems

Founded in 1983, ANGI Energy Systems is a North American company that designs and manufactures systems for compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fueling and tube trailer transport in applications around the world. ANGI continues to be a leading supplier of CNG fueling equipment for natural gas vehicles, and has a standing reputation as a leader in the high-pressure compression industry. ANGI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gilbarco-Veeder Root, the worldwide technology leader for retail and commercial fueling operations. For more information, visit

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