President’s Message March 2017


Good day and happy March, my fellow Chiefs and Associates. We had a great Skatefest this year thanks to Tom Phillips and his team. It was a well-planned, well-attended and graciously hosted event by Evergreen Park and Pete Mixon. The Chiefs are fortunate to have membership to help us make it a reality.

March is a time for cooling tower wash-downs and all things chillers and coils. Be sure to look up our very capable Associates in these areas of expertise found advertising throughout this publication. We are lucky to have the best suppliers and service providers in every discipline working with us to keep our properties running smoothly.

If you are a Chief and your Assistant Chief is not a member, we ask you to talk to them and see what we can do to bring in the next generation of members. No organization succeeds when they fail to bring in the next generation of leaders, so we need your help to grow the next crop of future Chiefs.

Our Vendor Fair will take place next month at Gaelic Park, and I hope to see many of you come out and support our Associates as they display their goods and services.

I have attended my last retreat as a board member and feel like the present board is well positioned to further develop the Chiefs into an even more broad-based asset for the engineering community. It gives me a comfort to know the next president (Dan Carey) is poised to steer the ship backed by his board. He is committed to keeping us on track for the years to come. I am committed to finishing my term on a high note, and hope all of you will help the group to grow and succeed.

With 9 months of active service left, I am dedicating these last months to getting our Associates’ and Members’ input on their needs and conveying this information to our board so that a smooth transition takes place.

With gratitude for all we are afforded.


Dennis Nolan

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