Henry® Air-Bloc® LF™ Seamless Flashing Membrane Withstands Rain Immediately After Application

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – Henry® Air-Bloc® LF™ Flashing Membrane is easily applied as a single-component liquid that is durable and seamless, will withstand rain immediately after application and provides best-in-class compatibility with asphalt. Made of high-solids silyl-terminated-poly-ether (STPE), it is easy to gun, spread and tool. It also provides the lowest temperature application at 20 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 6 degrees Celsius).

“The single-component composition of Henry® Air-Bloc® LF™ Flashing Membrane makes it easy to apply and clean up in almost any kind of weather,” said Brian West, director, product management/ marketing at Henry Company. “It’s applied with a caulking gun and trowel for a monolithic flashing membrane that bonds and cures in wet weather and tolerates damp surfaces. Its 95-percent solids composition results in minimal shrinkage, and can be used for complex details, such as window and door flashing. It is also an excellent sealant for sheathing joints and membrane termination. Henry® Air-Bloc® LF™ Flashing Membrane is water vapor permeable, meets critical industry standards and has superior adhesion to and from a variety of building materials.”

For more information on Henry products, including Henry® Air-Bloc® LF™ Flashing Membrane, visit www.henry.com or call 1-800-486-1278.

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