Illinois Earns a “C-” in New Infrastructure Report Card


  • In 2011, Illinois faced a required investment of $19 billion over the next 20 years to replace aging facilities and comply with safe drinking water regulations. Similarly, our wastewater system faces a required $17.5 billion investment need. The State of Illinois Clean Water Initiative and the City of Chicago’s recent water system upgrades have begun to address these concerns, but a long term sustainable funding source must be identified.
  • “Illinois is slowly progressing. Programs such as the Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation Efficiency (CREATE) program have started unclogging some of our rail and traffic bottlenecks. Meanwhile, the expiring Illinois Jobs Now! legislation has allowed us to tackle some of Illinois’ big infrastructure problems,” said Patrick Lach, P.E., President of the Illinois Section of ASCE. “And yet, significant work remains. Illinois needs long-term, sustainable funding for its infrastructure if it hopes to keep pace with our growing population and maintain its economic competitiveness.”

    The cumulative grade of “C-” is based on examining nine infrastructure categories. A team of volunteer Civil Engineers assessed public records and coordinated with various public agencies over the course of the past year to complete the Report Card. Category grades included the following:

    “Illinois’ infrastructure touches almost every aspect of daily life—from your neighborhood roads, to the community school, to the very water required to maintain a healthy life,” said Darren Olson, P.E., Chairman of the Report Card Committee. “Illinois cannot afford to just repair what we have, but instead, we must build resilient and innovative systems for a growing, changing, and modernized Illinois.”

    The Illinois Report Card was created as a public service to the citizens and politicians of the state to inform them of the infrastructure challenges in their community. By using school report card letter grades, Illinois Civil Engineers have used their expertise to summarize complicated data into an accessible report. ASCE’s state level report cards are modeled after the national 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, which gave America’s infrastructure a grade of “D+.”

    To view the full version of the 2014 Report Card for Illinois’ Infrastructure please visit

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