The Best of All Worlds for Efficiency and Sustainability

The new office building is heated via water pumped under the parking lot from the main mechanical room.

Over the past several decades, the term “automatic heating system” was lost in the cold, ash heap of time. Once in the vernacular of heating professionals, the term was conceived when oil took America’s heating systems by storm after M.A. Fessler invented the oil burner to take advantage of the crude oil that was seeping out of the California ground in 1903.

Oil ushered in the first true “automatic” heating system. No more hauling, shoveling, stacking, stoking or lighting. The industry eagerly turned its back on solid fuels, chasing higher efficiencies, greatly reduced emissions and hands-free, automatic operation. Wood – still an abundant renewable fuel – was left smoldering in its own smoke, especially when applied to commercial space heating.

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