The Chiefs Salute Over 50 Years of Service Excellence


Walter (center) pictured with his son, Corporate Senior Manager of Facilities, Planning and Maintenance for TTX Company, Michael C. Dobson (left) and his grandson, Stationary Engineer Trainee Michael E. Dobson.

When Walter took over at what would be U.S Cellular Plaza, he was what is termed a “Lone Ranger”. Alone in the building for three years before he was able to hire an assistant, Walter not only toiled to respond to commissioning problems encountered as the new buildings went online, he also developed innovative ways to work his way around problems operators encounter when architectural drawings collide with real-world necessities. Take for example, the problem of overheating in the penthouse elevator rooms. In stead of Walter signing off on a plan to bring in expensive cooling equipment, he engineered a ducting solution that did the job and saved the building owners thousands of dollars. Or there was the safety issue involved in trying to bring 55-gallon drums of water treatment up a narrow stairway to the penthouse mechanical room. Walter used his welding skills and engineering know-how to develop a lift that safely and quickly hoists those drums up and eliminates the dangerous practice of trying to man-handle them up a narrow stairway.

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