The Chiefs Salute Over 50 Years of Service Excellence


Walter in 1987 accepting the ASHRAE First Place Performance Award for Energy Conservation for his work at Citicorp Plaza near O'Hare Airport. (Photo by Ernest K. Wulff)

For the next twelve years, Walter honed his skills as a Stationary Engineer, performing full maintenance and repair tasks within the properties. He installed new coils in air handlers, changed the Robinson perimeter boxes to a VAV system, welded derricks for removing condenser and chiller heads and operated and serviced the various equipment dispersed among the properties.

Walter’s hard work earned him a reputation within the profession and in 1981, after 21 years of hard work, he accepted yet another new challenge from Romanek Golub & Company to bring three new buildings out of the ground in the O’Hare Corridor of northwest Chicago. He didn’t realize it at the time, but for the next 33 years, those three buildings would dominate a major portion of his professional life.

Besides the stellar professional life Walter built for himself, there was another work of art he was perfecting along with his partner in life, Carmella. Married for 56 years, Walter and Carmella are the proud parents of two sons, Michael and Rick. Michael is the Corporate Senior Manager of Facilities, Planning and Maintenance for TTX Company, which he has over fifty locations around the United States. Michael followed his engineering heritage from Walter Sr. and Jr. into the profession as all other family members have done. Rick is the very successful owner of a video production company and a recipient of an award for his work. Additionally, a fourth generation member of the Dobson clan is already working in the engineering profession. Walter’s Grandson, Michael E. Dobson, is attending the final stage of engineering classes at Lake County Community College and is working as an IUOE Local 399, Stationary Engineer Trainee at the Discover Cards Corporate Headquarters in River Woods, IL. for ABM.

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