Engineered Corrosion Solutions – March 13, 2014


Yet for as many successes as Mr. Brand has seen, he’s seen far more failures. “I had no idea until I started my consulting company a few years ago how much money is being wasted on less-than optimal paint and coating systems. It is a terribly costly hidden expense that not only plagues Chicago, but the nation as well.”

We conducted an informal survey a couple of years ago, asking engineers and facility managers how long that thought paint should last in various situations. Everyone’s expectations were a fraction of what coating and paint systems can accomplish these days. And may of the systems are designed for in-house application.

“We are in the process of consulting on a project at a Midwest Zoo,” said Mr. Brand. “They’ve lined a large animal exhibit 7 times in the past 15 years. We worked on another project for a local refinery where the coating was touched-up or replace every 2 to 3 years going back over a decade.”

In each case, explained Brand, had the optimal coating system been selected first, each project would have had to be done only once.

“It was terribly frustrating for me that these owners simply did not have the information to make optimal solutions. Engineered Coating Solutions looks to put an end to that,” explained Brand.


Brand has attended dozens of trade shows and technical conferences over the years, but that there has never been one exclusively for the Midwest nor one that focuses on pure, technical issues.

ECS is the first conference of it’s kind in the Midwest whose focus is purely on the technical issues pertaining to corrosion. Unlike many other conferences where the host tries to get as many vendors as possible, ECS has turned away vendors.

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