Engineered Corrosion Solutions – March 13, 2014


The logistics were daunting:

1. The tanks needed to be abrasive blasted and the spray equipment (used to spray the coating at roughly 4,500 psi) needed an air supply. The only place we could park our compressor was on the sidewalk adjacent to the CBOT on Financial Place, between Jackson and Van Buren, requiring running nearly 1000’ of air hose.

2. Identify an optimal coating that had the following characteristics:

a. Had no VOC (solvents) so there would be no explosive or fire-hazard during application, no odor permeating the building and, therefore, no risk of building evacuation.

b. Would cure in less than 24 hours.

c. Would last, maintenance-free, for more than 20 years

d. Be drinking water safe (NSF-approved).

e. Be applied to be applied quickly and efficiently.

f. Whose mode of failure (which may be never) would allow for hand-tool touchup, rather than complete removal and re-blasting.

The project went off without a hitch, and the coating remains in place, and has required no maintenance in more than 24 years.

In fact, the story made the cover of The Chief Engineer.

Warren Brand was involved in identifying the optimal coating system for use at the CBOT – and was onsite for the coating installation.

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