Clues At Detroit Bar Point Toward Purple Gang

By Neal Rubin

This Aug. 22, 2013 photo shows Tommy's Bar and Grill on Third Street in downtown Detroit. At Tommy's Detroit Bar & Grill, though, a few blocks up from the river on Third Street, the regulars can now say with academic certainty that they're the proud descendants of illicit drinkers from the golden age of bootlegging. And there might well be a Purple Gang pedigree, too. (AP Photo/Detroit News, John T. Greilick) DETROIT FREE PRESS OUT; HUFFINGTON POST OUT

DETROIT (AP) – For every old tavern in Detroit, there’s a story. Or two stories. And they tend to be the same ones.

The joint was a speakeasy during Prohibition. That’s the first. No. 2, the Purple Gang drank there.

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