From a 1941 Wind Tunnel to A 2012 Semi-Anechoic Sound Chamber: Modine Tech Center


The Semi Anechoic Sound Lab is covered in foam that provides 100 Hz cutoff frequency.

The Tech Center’s HVAC&R Lab consists of eleven test locations. Five of the labs have the option of air-conditioned space, with louvers to exhaust excessive heat and to allow low temperature testing. The other six labs are air-conditioned space that allow for control of ambient temperature. All labs are equipped to test electrically-powered, propane-fired, and natural gas-fired heating and ventilating systems.

The crowning jewel of the center is the Semi Anechoic Sound Lab. The lab was recommissioned in 2012 and gives Modine the ability to measure sound pressure and intensity. The room itself is “floating” from the rest of the building, with the floor sitting on pedestals and the outside walls and ceiling separated from the rest of the building. The room is covered in foam that provides 100 Hz cutoff frequency. Modine’s interest in the sound generated by their equipment is because it is an important factor in the purchasing of retro-fit equipment, especially in schools where a student maybe sitting next to the equipment.

Modine Manufacturing Company’s Tech Center stands as a tribute to Modine’s legacy of technical innovation and a promise to continue that innovation in the future. We thank Modine for their hospitality and sharing the capabilities of their facility with The Chief Engineer.

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