From a 1941 Wind Tunnel to A 2012 Semi-Anechoic Sound Chamber: Modine Tech Center


The Chemical & Metallurgical Lab utilizes a noncontact laser extensometer for tensile strength testing.

The Refrigeration Lab includes four calorimeter test cells large enough to set–up whole units for testing. The cells are used to test a range of condensers and evaporators with a capacity range from 1 to 6 tons.

Wind Tunnel #2 is one of the most advanced centers in North America. The room has the capacity to replicate most any place on Earth on a given day of the year. The tunnel is large enough to accommodate a semi-truck and test it under full load. The room is also used to test a variety of commercial building units, including packaged rooftop ventilation systems, under conditions that simulate a rooftop in Arizona in July.

The facility houses two climatic chambers, named Climatic Chamber #1 & #2. The first chamber is designed to test Modine’s ventilation equipment. It can replicate any extreme from -40° – 140°F and can handle up to 50 tons. Climatic Chamber #2 is designed to test geothermal equipment including groundsource systems and geothermal heat pumps. The room acts as the inside of a classroom or home, where “outside” air can be piped in to meet ventilation requirements.

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