From a 1941 Wind Tunnel to A 2012 Semi-Anechoic Sound Chamber: Modine Tech Center


Archival photos of Wind Tunnel #1 in use.

The main purpose for the creation of the Tech Center was to provide labs for Modine to test their full line of HVAC-R products. This allows their dedicated engineering groups to quickly evaluate designs in a real world environment. The Center also performs tests for hire in their nine dedicated labs as a third-party certifier for a number of AHRI, CSA, ANSI and ASHRAE standards.

The Chemical & Metallurgical Lab features state-of-the-art instrumentation and analysis capabilities. The main focus of this lab is to determine how the materials Modine uses stand up to corrosive forces and why components may have failed. The lab utilizes plasma spectroscopy and ion chromatography for parts-per-million detection of elements and ions. To provide trace chemical analysis, they employ a scanning electron microscope with elemental chemical analysis. Their tensile testing uses a noncontact laser extensometer that provides the most sensitive testing for large loads and delicate material.

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