VMI Engineers Develop Robot Tick Killer

By Jacob Demmitt

A July 9, 2013 photo shows a robot that picks up ticks designed by David Livingston and James Squire, both engineering professors at VMI, along with a team of others. The robot picks up ticks on it's white denim pesticide-treated skirt, helping eradicate them by poisoning them and dropping them while not leaving chemicals behind. (AP Photo/The Roanoke Times, Stephanie Klein-Davis)

LEXINGTON, Va. (AP) – After studying tick infestations for 20 years, Holly Gaff scoffed at the idea of using robots to kill the blood-sucking, disease-causing pests.

But that was before she got her hands on one.

Gaff recently finished the first round of experiments on technology developed by a team of Virginia Military Institute engineers. The results surprised her as much as it did those who designed it. The robot killed 75 percent of ticks during the least effective trial at a wildlife preserve trail in Portsmouth. On the rest, it completely wiped out the population – all without spraying dangerous chemicals.

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