Decreasing Crime Near Miami’s Famous Blue & Green Diamond Condominiums


Another access point is the pool area. Many of the Blue & Green Diamond’s residents and guests utilize the large, ocean-side swimming pool with two hot tubs and a separate children’s pool. Since it is ocean-side, there is direct beach access. Although the Blue & Green property and pool area is closed off with a gate, it is vital that access only be granted to Blue & Green Diamond residents and guests.

“Security and safety are very important for the Blue & Green Diamond buildings and pool area,” said Jorge Poviones, Green Diamond Property Manager. “Even though there is a fence with a gate that separates our swimming area from the public beach, we still need to keep outsiders off of our property and out of our buildings to ensure the highest level of safety and security for our residents and their guests.”

Blue & Green Diamond residents also have full access to a marina that is located across the street from the property. “Million dollar boats are docked at this marina and it is our responsibility to watch over the vessels to ensure they don’t undock and aren’t tampered with,” said Mr. Poviones.

Additionally, every February the Miami Beach boat show takes place at the marina and brings more than 100,000 spectators to the area, “We need to make sure boat show attendees are staying at the marina and are not venturing to the Blue & Green Diamond property, trying to park in our parking areas or using the facilities,” Mr. Poviones continued.

AlliedBarton Security Services has stepped up to meet the Blue & Green Diamond’s access challenges and is committed to helping deter crime in the area. Since 2006, a team of security officers has provided a high-level of customer service for residents and their guests, and have kept a close eye on all access points. Additionally, AlliedBarton’s security team understands the importance of privacy and is very discrete in regards to the A-list celebrities living in the complex or community.

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