Decreasing Crime Near Miami’s Famous Blue & Green Diamond Condominiums


One of the many access points is the pool area. Although the Blue & Green property and pool area is closed off with a gate, it is vital that access only be granted to Blue & Green Diamond residents and guests.

The Miami Beach region is known as a high-crime area. Due to new luxury developments, like the Blue & Green Diamond, the crime rate has since decreased, but is still prevalent. The property managers at the Blue & Green Diamond knew they had to keep the safety and security of residents and their guests’ top of mind at all times.

“Since there are many well-known, A-list celebrities that reside at the Blue & Green Diamond, their safety and security was also of importance,” said Jorge Poviones, Green Diamond Property Manager. “We want to be a dedicated safety and security resource for our residents and their guests, so it is vital that the Blue & Green Diamond have a high level of security.”

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