Ethiopia’s Big Nile Dam Vs. Hoover Dam

By Kirubel Tadesse

In this photo made Tuesday, April 2, 2013, shows the construction of the dam in Asosa Region Ethiopia. Ethiopia started to divert the flow of the Blue Nile river to construct a giant dam on Tuesday, according to its state media, in a move that could impact the Nile-dependent Egypt. Downstream nations Egypt and Sudan have objected to the construction, saying it violates a colonial-era agreement which reportedly gives Egypt nearly 70 percent of Nile River waters. (AP Photo/Elias Asmare)

ASSOSA, Ethiopia (AP) – The book, A History Of Hoover Dam, fell from the dashboard as Simegnew Bekele drove through the rugged mountains where the engineer is leading construction work on Ethiopia’s massive Nile River dam.

“This book,” he said, picking it up, “I am reading it now … It’s a fascinating story. This dam too (has) a history one day someone will write about.”

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