Foster Transformer Winds Replacement Coils for Brakes, Clutches and Magnets

Cincinnati, Ohio – Foster Transformer introduces a new service – rewinding of coils for electrically actuated motor brakes, electro-mechanical clutches and lifting magnets. With a full range of winding equipment, low cost modular tooling and access to their extensive inventory of raw materials, Foster can evaluate customer needs and prepare an estimate quickly. Replacement coils are typically manufactured in days rather than weeks, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire brake, clutch or magnet assembly. Often these components are very old, and replacement components are unavailable from the original equipment manufacturer. Replacement coils are typically used on equipment such as overhead cranes, lifting magnets, and large conveyors equipped with electro-mechanical safety brakes which are used in applications such as steel mills, scrap yards, mining operations, and more.

The original coil is inspected to verify lead locations, wire gauge, number of turns, and dimensions. A wooden plug, slightly larger than the final ID is cut to support the coil during winding. The form is attached to the head stock of the winding machine and a universal backing plate is attached. A single layer of insulation is wrapped round the plug before winding. NEMA MW 35C copper magnet wire rated at 200?C or copper foil is used for the winding, depending upon application parameters. Finished coils are cuffed with DuPOnt Nomex™ or 3M TufQuin™ insulation before being wrapped with fiberglass tape for abrasion resistance. When the coil wire also serves as the lead out wire, fiberglass sleeving is added before wrapping the coil to protect and insulate the magnet wire. Larger cils may use copper bus bar rather than self-leads. When available, the casting or enclosure is used to test fit the coil before it is impregnated with an epoxy resin. This epoxy bonds the wire insulation and seals out moisture. Coils may also be vacuum potted in the casting process for additional protection.

In addition to winding to original specs, Foster can also supply coils for new designs including rapid prototyping capabilities.

Virtually any input and output voltages are attainable – including custom input voltages and frequencies.

Foster Transformer has been making electronic transformers, power supplies, and electromagnetic components for 75 years. Their corporate headquarters, Engineering Lab and primary manufacturing facility are located in Cincinnati, OH. The ability to manufacture their own tooling, fixtures and unique production machinery, allows Foster to provide quick turnaround, start-up and support low-to mid volume from the Cincinnati plant. Foster has additional manufacturing capacity available in China to support long run, high volume applications. For more information contact Foster Transformer, 3820 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223, (800) 963-9799, or [email protected].

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