Meter Smart Automation 2013 Enhances Meter Inventory Management

BELLEVUE, Wash. – ITTIA announces the release of version 4.5 of its Meter Smart Automation software, MSA, a revolutionary meter management software application that allows utility companies to tailor meter shop management to their exact business logic. MSA is a great option for replacing homegrown or general business software that is not specifically designed for metering devices, so each staff member can include their own meter workflow and management requirements.

MSA connects the dots toward managing and capturing meter data in various processes at the shop and provides a centralized data management offering to precisely track meters, identify wasteful activities, and help meter shop staff to make correct decisions about meters and customer billing. MSA is purely designed and developed for utility companies’ asset inventory.

Natural gas and electrical utilities greatly benefit from ITTIA MSA, using consistent processes to collect meter information, enforce business rules, make informed decisions in exceptional cases, efficiently track individual meters and pallets locations, capture readings and related AMI/AMR data, sort meters, report intelligently about meter assets and achieve maintenance goals.

New Features in MSA Version 4.5

Rapid Pallet Construction

With this new feature, MSA offers flexibility for electrical and gas meter inventory to be recorded independent of the predefined meter shop process workflow. For instance, this feature enables a meter shop manager to obtain desired inventory at any stage of shop management.

Pallet Manifest Printing and Export

Meter shop staff can now print the list of meters and other vital information for any pallet, so that the contents can be reviewed and shared with other departments without breaking the pallet down.

New Tools for Flexible Management of Meters

This new release provides shop managers an exceptional interface that shows the exact location of every meter and pallet in the shop facility, including information about the number of pallets at each location. The benefit of this feature for managers is the ability to keep track of assets in different areas in case they need to issue a specific type of meter into the field or to transfer meters to a storeroom. This is especially important when meter shop managers need to locate meters of a specific type.

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