America’s Infrastructure GPA Inches Up to a D+ on National Report Card

Reston, Virg. – The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) released its 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, a comprehensive assessment of the nation’s infrastructure across 16 sectors. Updated once every four years, this year’s Report Card found that America’s cumulative GPA for infrastructure rose slightly to a D+ from a D in 2009. The Report Card estimates total investment needs at $3.6 trillion by 2020 across all 16 sectors, leaving a funding shortfall of $1.6 trillion based on current funding levels.

The new Report Card is of particular relevance to Illinoisans. The Report Card features videos of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, State Representative Elaine Nekritz, and Chicago-based Center for Neighborhood Technology Vice President Jacky Grimshaw urging our country to invest in infrastructure and meet our growing needs.

The grades in 2013 range from a high of B- for solid waste infrastructure to a low of D- for inland waterways and levees. None of the categories received a lower grade than in 2009. However, near-failing grades continue to be seen in numerous sectors that are crucial to the economy and Americans’ quality of life.

Encouraging trends were found in sectors where focused investments were made. Six sectors (solid waste, drinking water, wastewater, roads, bridges, and rail) each experienced incremental improvements since the last assessment. America’s rail sector saw the largest improvement, moving from a C- to a C+.

The grades by sector include: Dams (D), Drinking Water (D), Hazardous Waste (D), Levees (D-), Solid Waste (B-), Wastewater (D), Aviation (D), Bridges (C+), Inland Waterways (D-), Ports (C), Rail (C+), Roads (D), Transit (D), Public Parks and Recreation (C-), Schools (D), and Energy (D+).

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