Bradford White Training Facility Raises the Bar


The Honeywell building management system is housed in control panels with glass doors to show the numerous connection points branching throughout the facility. Danfoss VFDs are installed next to the Taco pumps they control. Where VFDs are not used, Taco ECM-driven, variable speed Viridian pumps are employed.

“Our goal for 2013 is ‘training, training and more training,’” said Bowerman. “The industry is changing at a remarkable pace, and we recognize the need to keep pace with it and to create a better understanding of today’s technology. If November and December of last year are any indication, we’ll routinely see between 50 and 75 attendees each month.”

“We provide training sessions for both installing and service contractors, reps, wholesalers and even engineers,” explained Bowerman. “The wide scope of the ITEC mechanical system has a lot to offer all key audiences.”

Class content depends on customer requests. ITEC’s flexibility allows for training on almost any topic related to hot water generation and distribution. We cover a broad range of gas-fired residential, commercial water heaters and boilers (natural gas and propane) along with electric water heaters rated up to 480 volts. Bradford White’s goal at ITEC is to easily replicate real-world service situations while emphasizing sequence of operation and procedures to identify the component failure.”

The facility also includes a comfortable, Wi-Fi enabled business center, conference room and dining/kitchen area. During breaks, or before or after training sessions, attendees can lounge on the leather furniture to check emails, or swap business cards.

Sustainability in re-use
The ITEC building, now with expansions, was purchased in 2006. It had existing office space that was soon occupied by Bradford White’s 24/7 Technical Services Team. “We added the mechanical room, and used the mezzanine for the four ERV/AHUs,” said Bowerman.

The ITEC geothermal system employs 14 bores – each 300 feet deep – that carry a combined load of about 25 tons. The system is dedicated to the four ERV/AHUs for cooling, each conditioning a different part of the building.

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