UI Center Uses 3D Printers For Medical Advances


Downstairs in the Center for Computer-Aided Design, engineering students Ben Goerdt and Ben Weintraub use a computer program that allows them to view a circuit board on their screen from all angles, add layers and test it at different levels of heat, the main factor that destroys circuit boards.

“No one is really doing this,” Weintraub said. “Right now companies will have each layer of a circuit board drawn on wax paper and they’ll just put them on top of each other. This is kind of the future of that.”

A large room in the building contains a set of 3D screens where researchers can view and manipulate circuit boards, even virtually bring in components made from countries across the world.

In yet another room, treadmills are set up along with typical military packs that allow researchers to simulate what it’s like for a Marine. The goal is to develop ways to make life easier for soldiers in the field and to keep their endurance up, Marler said.

Marler said he predicts a massive upcoming demand for manufacturing coming back in the U.S., and many new ideas coming from the manufacturing side of things.

With that in mind, it makes sense to prepare for that wave with the creation of AMTecH, he said.

“It’s really this great petri dish of ideas,” Marler said.

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