Larson Electronics’ Releases 20 Amp Rated Explosion Proof Extension Cord with Inline Switch by Larson Electronics announced today the release of a 160 foot long explosion proof extension cord equipped with an inline switch and featuring a 20 amp continuous service rating. The EPEXC-160-12-ISL Explosion Proof Extension Cord provides the ability to safely extend the reach of equipment cords while giving operators the ability to switch power off and on while in the hazardous work space.

The Magnalight EPEXC-160-12-ISL explosion proof extension cord provides operators in hazardous locations with the ability to not only extend the reach of their equipment cords, but also the ability to switch power on and off while in the hazardous work area. Operators often have to leave the work area in order to switch power to a device on or off. The explosion proof inline switch on this unit allows workers to manage power without leaving the area simply by moving a breaker style switch. Also, rather than have to leave the area and disconnect the cord before connecting equipment, operators can simply turn the power off at the switch and then connect equipment safely while still in the work area. The explosion proof extension cord on this unit is designed for heavy duty use and is chemical and abrasion resistant. The explosion proof plug is a twist lock T style design that requires the plug to be locked into place before energizing, providing added protection against arcing. The receptacle features non sparking aluminum construction with a powder coat finish and deep recessed contacts to prevent exposure of contact arcing to the ambient atmosphere, and is constructed of corrosion resistant materials for high durability. Magnalight also provides an additional matching plug with this cord which can be attached to a variety of equipment and devices, providing operators with a convenient way to ensure their equipment will work with this cord. This explosion proof extension cord and inline switch and receptacle assembly is rated at 20 amps of continuous service, is resistant to cord pullouts, and features resistance to chemicals, abrasions and corrosive environments.

“We offer a wide range of explosion proof extension cords with different lengths and connectors in stock; we also build custom configurations for customers on demand,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ “We commonly build these cords for our customers to accompany our explosion proof lights and/or our power distribution systems.”

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