Tribune Tower Saves With Equipment Upgrade


The existing equipment had to be removed by hoisting them up six stories to the main floor of the structure.

That Kroeschell was selected over other bidders for this unique project is fitting for a couple of reasons. To begin with, the company is one of the premier mechanical contracting companies in the United States. When it comes to making the impossible look easy, Kroeschell is simply the best. The company also happens to share over a seventy-year history with the Tribune Tower, being the same company that installed their first cooling system, back in 1934. Then, in 1948 and 1961, Kroeschell added additional air conditioning to the building and replaced the original CO2 refrigerant chillers with two, 500 ton Carrier and one, 1,000 ton Carrier, 17m Chillers. In 2005, Kroeschell once again modernized the Tribune’s air conditioning; installing One, 1,000 ton, one, 850 ton and one, 500 ton Carrier centrifugal units, operating on environmentally friendly 134A refrigerant. Also in 2005, they brought equipment space up to modern code by constructing a Chiller Room and installing refrigerant leak detection and spill remediation equipment.

In 2012, Kroeschell was awarded the contract to take over all environmental operations within the Tower. According to Ed Swietek, the President and CEO of Kroeschell, outsourcing environmental operations to mechanical companies makes a great deal of sense. Operating Engineers inside commercial buildings may know everything about their particular facility, but they rarely experience or learn of new technology that is entering into the industry. Because mechanical contractors constantly stay abreast of changes in the industry, they can both train their operators to understand and use new diagnostic and testing equipment and introduce innovative technologies within facilities. Such an advantage saves money and improves the comfort and safety of occupants. “Because our operators have a team of professional engineers and trades workers backing them up”, Ed said. “A solution to every problem that may be encountered is immediately available, and in most cases, at no additional cost to the customer”.

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