Tribune Tower Saves With Equipment Upgrade

Kroeschell Engineering updated the existing chillers (left) at Tribune Tower in 2005 with an entirely new package operating on 134A refrigerant and also brought the facility up to code by constructing a Chiller Room with proper detection and remediation equipment.

When Mike Riley, the Facility Manager at Chicago’s Tribune Tower invited Kroeschell Engineering, Inc. to bid on replacing the landmark facilities, steam boilers, it was pretty clear from the beginning that this would be anything but a normal project.

To begin with, the existing boilers, installed in 1966, would have to come from an equipment room located six stories below the main floor of the structure. Once the old equipment was removed, all new equipment would then have to be placed into the same equipment room. Obviously, moving all this major equipment out of and into the building presenting a monumental challenge to any contracting firm willing to take on the project. But overcoming that logistical problem was nothing compared to the fact that the Tribune Tower is the historical home of the Chicago Tribune newspaper, that venerable old journal known as the “Midwest Giant”. While the actual newspaper is no longer produced at the Tribune Tower, the building still remains a hive of activity from the businesses located there and from visitors who come from allover the world to view the magnificent structure and the hundreds of relics taken from ancient ruins around the world that are imbedded in the building façade. Among those calling the Tribune Tower home today is WGN Radio, which broadcasts from the building around the clock. This meant that no downtime could be tolerated during the project.

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