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Jack told us that even the CEO of Able Engineering got his start as a stationary engineer with the IUOE’s, Local 39 in San Francisco. Back then, he explained, privatization was first becoming popular for facilities operations and it became common that mechanical service companies were awarded the operations contracts within commercial buildings. As Jack explained, once a mechanical company was retained in operations, some firms were given the option to use their own trades – pipefitters, plumbers, electricians, etc. – for all the repairs and renovations taking place in their facility. This “no bid” environment eliminated any incentive for the contractor to actually lower operating costs. Jack explained that some mechanical contractors even went so far as to bid for operations contracts at rates below their own cost, planning to make up the loss once they got their foot in the door of a facility.

Seeing what was happening in the industry and realizing that such practices could never be sustained for the long term, Able Engineering was formed with the intent to truly focus on operations within facilities and deliver real value to property owners and management companies.

Right from the beginning, Jack explained, Able committed itself to employ stationary engineers with customer service skills dedicated to preserving the asset in a proactive fashion. Jack stated this early cutting edge policy gave Able a strong advantage. “This new way of thinking allowed AES and property owners the ability to build relationships with various outside trades companies so that when repairs or renovations became necessary Able’s clients got the very best service at the most competitive prices the market place offered”. This “check and balance” system for outside trades contractors allowed AES to provide ownership/management a “second set of eyes” and most importantly drove savings to owners and managers bottoms line.

Able’s operation strategy focuses on providing clients with four core services: asset preservation, operational efficiency with a focus on sustainability, vendor management and safety. Able backs its commitment to client satisfaction with a web based quality control program that is tailored to fit the exact needs of each facility they service.

The Able quality control program centers upon establishing three standards. First, an operational audit checklist is created to measure the performance of the operations staff. Next, managers are required to perform annual audits of plant operations, safety policies, life-safety, recordkeeping, and administrative operations. Following this work, results of the annual audit are presented to clients in formalized reports. The audit process includes a facility inspection tour and review of all facility equipment. In an effort to provide owners and managers the ability to share and review information from these audits, photographs are taken of equipment and mechanical spaces. AES Management also conducts formal interviews with staff to ensure compliance as well as reviews all engineering documentation, licenses and permits.

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