Helifix® Crack Stitch & Dryfix Systems Combine Forces In Restoration Of 1900’S Tobacco Warehouse


Helifix’s Crack Stitch and DryFix systems also provide quick, user-friendly, and cost-effective installation procedures. This was particularly advantageous given the inclement Fall-Winter weather restoration schedule for Lancaster Tobacco Company’s warehouse, since most mortar installations can’t be done in colder months.

DryFix installation involves simple power-driving of the precision engineered, slim profile remedial ties into position via a small pilot hole. A special installation tool is then used to leave the end of the tie recessed below the outer face to allow an ‘invisible’ finish. High performance Helifix polymer grout was utilized in key areas to help increase the bond.

Crack Stitch installation involves cutting/raking out slots in the mortar beds (minimum 20” either side of the crack) which are then vacuumed and flushed out with water. A Helifix pointing gun is then used to inject a bead of thixotropic cementitious HeliBond grout along the back of the slot. Using a brick jointer, one meter length of HeliBar is pushed into the grout to obtain good coverage.

A further bead of HeliBond is inserted over the exposed HeliBar, finishing ½” from the face and ‘ironed’ into the slot using the brick jointer. The recessed HeliBar is then pointed over the top rendering it virtually transparent to the naked eye upon completion.

With the combined use of Helifix’s concealed, non-disruptive Crack Stitch and DryFix systems, the completion of the restoration of the Lancaster Leaf Tobacco Company was completed on schedule in January of 2012.

Implementation of the same dynamic repair combination is being planned for additional buildings on the Lancaster Leaf Tobacco campus.

Chris Devitry, Construction Manager for the project’s general contracting firm Benchmark Construction Co., noted the combined system’s cost-efficiency, “The savings on shelf angle repair alone was significant as the per window / per foot cost was about 1/3 less than other methods.”

According to Caretti Restoration’s GM/VP, Bob Gensel, “You don’t often have a complete wall collapse on a masonry façade so this represented pretty severe structural deterioration.

Ultimately, combining Helifix’s Crack Stitch and DryFix systems was the ideal alternative to complete structural tear down and rebuild of the Lancaster Leaf Tobacco Company’s warehouse.”

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