Dominican University Upgrades and Saves With Nicor Rebate


Metropolitan supplied a custom-designed condensing boiler package to handle the domestic hot water and A/C reheat to Parmer Hall.

The Challenge
The first challenge that Metropolitan & DRF faced was discovering exactly where the inefficiencies in the University’s system were. Their team discovered that to provide both domestic hot water and reheat to the university’s Palmer Hall and Rebecca Crown Library during the summer months, a large steam boiler was being operated continuously, using excessive amounts of gas. Additionally, Palmer Hall was receiving steam heat from the central steam plant, located over 500 feet away. This distance caused excessive radiant heat loss through the piping, which impacted the overall efficiency of the system. Other challenges identified included a need for a quick four-month turn around for custom manufacturing & installation and a shortage of existing mechanical space available to install equipment.

The solution the Metropolitan team arrived at was to customize high-efficiency, point of use boiler packages. The design called for a bank of ten high-efficiency, stage-fired tankless water heaters that tied directly into the existing domestic hot water system, handling the demand for the entire campus. In Parmer Hall, a 3-unit, custom condensing boiler package was recommended to handle domestic hot water demand and A/C reheat needs. For the Rebecca Crown Library, the solution was a custom heat transfer package that captured heat generated by an adjacent chiller system that otherwise would have been lost through the building’s cooling tower. These point of use designs were sized for the actual system demands and allowed the University to shut down there large central steam boiler plant.

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